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Up to 90% off MSRP!!!   For a limited time, purchasing these packages will give you the opportunity to see for yourself how Randy's Remedy products are superior to the rest.  Better taste, best absorption, the highest quality; these can only be seen by using it.

Have you been looking for the best botanical hemp products on the market?  Choose the small or large Sample Sale package and see for yourself what makes Randy's Remedy products the best.  Containing 1/2 oz Daily and 1/2 oz Lotion (both Everyday and Extra Strength), these packages contain enough units for you to use and share with those around you.

This offer will not last and will likely not be repeated!

Small Package: (5) 1/2 oz Daily, (3) 1/2 oz Ex. Lotion, (3) Everyday Lotion

Large Package: (6) 1/2 oz Daily, (9) 1/2 oz Ex. Lotion, (9) Everyday Lotion