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Brendon Strause, Managing Director

I LOVE your products! I have been ordering since October 2017. I have given some bottles to friends and family and have let others try the lotion. I know several of those folks have since placed orders. My 98-year-old mother uses [Randy’s Remedy] lotion regularly and really believes in your products. Keep up the great work.

Linda Ellen V.

I have been using Randy's Remedy Daily and Randy's Remedy Lotion for 3 weeks and feel like the anxious edge has been removed plus I am sleeping much better. In addition, I have had a thumb injury for 50 years, not uncommon for a musician, and since I have used Randy's Remedy Lotion I have had no residual pain, Thanks so much!

Alan S.

Your product is far superior than anything I have viewed here that is produced in various locations across Canada. Randy’s Remedy has transformed my quality of life considerably and I am so grateful. I don't ever want to run out so I’m glad to now be a Randy’s Club member.

Sue S.

Rich’s inflammation has significantly decreased using Randy’s Remedy Extra Strength Lotion. He was in so much pain. If you did not sign me up for monthly subscriptions let me know and I will have him go onto the website and order what he thinks will be the appropriate amount. It’s so good to see him able to function without so much pain! Thank you again for your help and concern...you are the best!

Debra O.